Minuit Machine
Don't Run from the Fire

If you really want to listen to real EBM / DarkWave sounds, this amazing duo is the choice for you. Minuit Machine is based on Paris, France with really emotional and destructive sounds for your soul. It’s kind of funny, because they describe themselves as addictive, and well, that’s true. 

This girl duo has 5 releases since 2013, with powerful sounds and lyrics, that will spit you the truth on your fucking face. That’s the beauty of Minuit Machine, that’s their magic. Personally, I discovered Minuit Machine just a couple of years ago, at this moment, it is one of my biggest influences on my sound, and movement. 

Let’s talk about Don’t Run From The Fire, it was released in October 2020. A really raw compilation of dark sounds, and some catchy lyrics that talks about our current social problems -or not-, so you have the possibility to choose. A great journey from lovers to truth searches and a world that is on it’s final hours; we are all alone, we are all already broken. 

You will fall in love once you listen to any of their songs, I promise you. 

Find Minuit Machine social media links and music here:





And also, I just wanted to show you a bonus link, a great live session under their own label called Synth Religion: 



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