D-Code by Deus Ex Lumina (Ft Ella Fuchs)

Just today Deus Ex Lumina is launching his second single “D-Code”, but have you met this cyberpunk entity before?

Deus Ex Lumina is a darkwave/electroclash project from Berlin. It all started with the launch in 2020 of NEØMÆNCER the first single and the very first episode of a futuristic romantic synth saga. With deep and dark vocals, this project will take you to cyber-wastelands on a future not so distant.

D-Code is the second episode of this saga, featuring Ella Fuchs and her incredible voice to be part of this project. As comfired by Deus Ex Lumina himself, this saga will have a video for each of the episodes, all made by Roland Zilvinskis, a well known 3D artist from Ireland, the man behind Netflix movie “Kadaver”. Just as the previous single, D-Code has been mastered by the twice winner of grammy awards Andres Mayo.

Do you want to follow this epic futuristic musical adventure?

Give it a try for something new and fall in love with machines, cybernetics, biotechnology,
synthesizers, melodic voices, AI lyrics and powerful beats!




But wait, there is more! As mentioned before, Deus Ex Lumina released a pretty cool animated video of his first single NEØMÆNCER, now it is the turn for D-Code! *Animated video coming soon*

Check the first episode of the saga here and the track D-Code below:

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