Møøncat & Erotic Sentimentalism

Let’s talk about some Industrial, Acid and Hard Techno! Møøncat, directly from Paraguay in South America,  taking her place on the hardest side of the underground techno scene. She’s part of the Erotic Sentimentalism and U-Topic collective (We’ll talk about them in next editions of Featured Friday, yay!). In 2017 she started playing around in the DJ world, out of the electronic music world she is also a dance teacher. 

Once you start listening to Møøncat’s DJ sets, you know it’s going to be a rollercoaster full of fear, and adrenaline. 

Erotic Sentimentalism is a music collective based in Colombia. Managed by Sofía Restrepo and Marielle Taw, is currently one of the largest communities in Latin America that promotes Industrial, Harsh, Acid and Hard techno. Being that said, we are expecting to cover more Featured Fridays with Erotic Sentimentalism stuff, and why not some collaboration with Abysmal Sun Records? (We’ll see what happens!)

Thanks to every resident artist, I declare myself a huge fan of all of the collective, thanks for growing the hardest techno scene on Latin America! 

Check out Møøncat premiere with Eroctic Sentimentalism on their latest Virtual Music Festival here!

“Angel Face with Hell Music”



Erotic Sentimentalism:


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