Vengeur + Self-Portrait (Album)

Ever heard of Avant-Garde as a music genre? Well, Vengeur is a strong yet mysteriously unknown artist within this wave. Personally, a huge fan of anything with the genre Avant-Garde in it (I released an album under my own project Void Flux that I consider avant-garde, but this is not my Featured Friday haha), I have been following Vengeur for a while now and it definitely incarnates the definition of this genre.

Attracted in the first place for his visual art, very well directed towards brutalism and surrealism, I felt in love for the dark and desolated landscapes and scenes, not long after I saw his art I got to know he was also a great producer of a variety but selected amount of genres, able to combine them all into a new musical experience (yes, that is Avant-Garde), either for people who enjoy electronic music or those who prefer the analog part of music, you will find in Vengeur a dark and exquisite taste for his music.

Not so long ago, January 23rd, 2021, he released his album Self-Portrait containing 6 awesome tracks, full of drums, synths, ambient and metal! It is hard to say no to this! So, go on, take some of your time and give it a listen, I’m pretty sure you won’t regret it and will be waiting for his next release!

Right out of his mouth and about Avant-Garde: “It stands for people who still try something new, instead of giving up on creativity”. Again, as a huge fan of this genre I could not agree more to his words. In a world full of aesthetics well defined and boundaries, what better than listening to new ideas, sounds and realities combined? I could say this is the future of music…

You can find most of his visual art in his Instagram account and you will find his music either in Bandcamp in case you want to drop a couple of dollars for his great music (although it is for free in Bandcamp, it is always great to see someone appreciating your art enough to pay for it, and we as artists appreciate that a LOT), you can also find his music in Spotify and still support the artist with some plays, but anyhow, give it a try!

Here you can find his social media links and as a bonus, you will find a small gallery of his art at the bottom of this blog entry.




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