Qual-Tenebris in Lux

This time I want to talk about Qual; if you already know this name, you know we are going to touch base on the big leagues. It is hard to define the kind of music Qual did in Sable back in 2015 due its very weird formula of abstract Darkwave and EBM, but it does not mean it is bad, it’s completely the opposite. It is free travel to your own void.  On the other hand Qual is representing a new wave of sounds on the second album, definitely with less abstract art, focusing the energy on post Industrial, EBM and Technoish sounds, very Oliver Chesler likewise, and WE ALL LOVE THAT! 

This March 1st, Qual released its third full length album called “Tenebris in Lux”, it goes to the same place of Sable, with more mature sentiments and protest. Raw sounds, heavy kick drums, and distorted sounds. But the abstraction is even more prominent. Qual describes the album as Cyber Sludge, and it is the reflection of how the lockdown has been affecting us in all manners. 

Personally, my favorite album so far, but I have to be honest… I miss the electronic dance music sound.

In 2019, Qual released Cyber Care, a rare combination of dance EBM and abstract indutrialish sounds, “I Have to Return Some Video Tapes” is the best example on how music producers can express incoming changes, and a very good way to let the people know that everything can be done in the same place. Be open minded, enjoy the music, enjoy the variety. 



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