This week we are talking about a friend of the label that has been here since we started, he is Andrea Giacinti, known for his Industrial Techno alias as FLD5FHT (Fields Of Hate) and on the Visual Design environment as THREEAM.

Andrea “Threeam” Giacinti is a 25 y/o artist currently based in Milan, Italy.

Since his teenage he cultivated his passion for art and music in parallel. With roots in the punk hardcore and beatdown scene he played in various bands, before moving to Milan, where he decides to focus on making music on his own. That’s when he started producing and later on, djing.

At the same time he decided to take Visual Design more seriously, and it slowly grows from a passion to a career. We definitely want to encourage you to visit and follow his visual design profile(links below), in any case we brought you a small sneak peek of his art on the gallery below, there you can see his unique style and fall in love for his designs right away!

FLD5FHT released his very first track in our compilation The Museum of Everything Else, since then there have been plans and constant talks with the label for upcoming projects, and it is today that we welcome Andrea as signed and resident artist of Abysmal Sun Records!

You can expect to hear very soon from him as there are plans for an upcoming EP, stay tuned and follow his social media (and our social medias as well 😉).



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