Twin Turbo
Sahar Yona & Ron Levanon

Twin Turbo is  a duo project formed by Ron Levanon (Artcore) & Sahar Yona (Solarix) from Israel dedicated to bring new age High-end sound design compositions to the worldwide listeners. You can expect from them for lot of dark night psychedelic music and Zenonesque.

Ron was born in 1995, since a very young age (10 y/o)  he was introduced to psychedelic trance and music production by his older cousin who had produced himself some music and was close friend to the very well-known and also Israel progressive trance duo Quantize. His first release came out when he was 16 on, a huge free source for underground and different kind of psychedelic trance.

So far he has released a total of 5 full albums in that same website and collaborated with many names from around the world including – Deerob, Ecoteric, Ground Zero and more. Worked with labels like Metaphysics Rec, Progvision, Zombster, Pyrethrum and more. 

Nowadays he does not surrender to the different genres of electronic music and produces mainly Forest and Dark trance but also Techno, Downtempo and Zenonesque.

Sahar and Ron met each other from common friends in the local scene, and connected through music, taste and way of thinking. Sahar helped Ron with mixing and mastering services as music was produced out of a standard studio. By mixing and knowing Ron’s tracks, Sahar came up with the idea of making a duo and they managed to get their first release on Zenon Records recently by wining the lastest remix competition to Electrypnose and Hypogeo of the track “F__k with the Android”.

Direclty from them:

“Today we take our duo project as our main goal and we truly believe that we have many things to share. We understood that together we make music that crosses the boundaries that we couldn’t cross by ourselves and we learn a lot from each other. Nowadays we have many unreleased projects in the pipe that waiting for the right moment and right label, you can expect for many more to come from us in the near future. As a duo we focus on Zenonesque and night music but we will also expand our production styles and expect also for Dark night psychedelic trance in the future. We have more works to come in big labels and you better stay tuned for some next level arrangements and sounds.”

With much love – Ron & Sahar AKA Twin Turbo



You can download for free the Hypogeo & Electrypnose – F__k with the Android: The Remixes by clicking on the image below:

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