Identified Patient
Nerve Deposit

Now that our co-founder Corax Umbra is about to drop a new album with tons of EBM and Abstract Sounds, this recommendation for today will be on point.

Let’s talk about Identified Patient, it is the perfect combination of slow acid, EBM powerful percussive Industrial music with shots of breakbeat. It always reminds me of the martial percussion style of the industrial music side of things, of course NOT including the political sentiment. 

Identified Patient released a great 5 track EP that will hit you right in the guts. Tons of breaks and bass percussive tones, perfect to make your body move for a while. Nerve Deposit is currently just the beginning of his real sound as he mentioned; new ways of sounding, new ways of performing inside the studio. You know… lockdown was the perfect excuse to stay more time working inside the studio and we are so glad Identified Patient did the same. 

Nerve Deposit is an absolute exquisite, but personally my favorite EP is still Signals in Snakes, which had tons of influence in the album I was working after Shabbathai Complex, the second album that never exist because of my HDD malfunction (what a shame!), but this third (second) album is really taking place of a similar sound around Signals In Snakes. 

As always, make sure to check his social media and his material (You should definitely take a look at the video below!):



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