we are not of importance
Our lakehouse at the edge of the universe

From the beginning of this project, we tried to give ourselves the task of making known the music that we like, and that deserves to be shared. Without questioning the genre, category, or how it may sound. That is our mission. So today I wanted to show you something completely different.

Today I bring you “we are not of importance”, a Vaporwave project.

In order to talk about Vaporwave, we first need to understand that there are more than 50 subcategories or sub-genres that the producers themselves and their projects claim to be. I will not go into details about categories, and subcategories, or any other political and cultural element of Vaporwave as such, because it is not relevant for today’s post, but it is necessary that you understand that this concept exists. (I promise  I’ll edit and post the video I have already recorded talking about, lol).

With that said, “we are not of importance” involves some of the most ambient and mental styles that can be found as we surf the Internet, and this is often referred as Slushwave or Phaserwave.

Another important point is that we have to leave aside the Japanese and fantasy themes of the previous and main genres, in this case, here are some influences of Chillwave and other ambient ambiguity genres.

With dreamy and a few motivational sounds, this project really hides a sadness that cannot be escaped, a sadness from which, no matter how comfortable you feel, it sinks you deeper and deeper. And that’s the harm thing about this world, Vaporwave is a very dangerous weapon.

At this point I’m not sure if the project is still active, since the only album that exist was released on Soundcloud 4 years ago but that does not imply that this is an excuse to recommend such a fine and beautiful album, full of sadness and pain that is not shown first ahead, questioning the most human aspects of life, love, loneliness, death, and for sure what is after it. The album is called Our lakehouse at the edge of the universe.

As someone said in a comment somewhere on the Internet; “Our lakehouse at the edge of the universe is like a roller coaster of emotions, waiting to turn into a roulette wheel.”

These are the links I find about the project:



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