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What I like about having this space to write is the fact that I can tell you about the influences that came to my mind when I create. Many of my musical influences go beyond just being part of the sounds I make, many of them remain in many aspects of my life. I have already expressed –many times- that my music is not only an artistic expression that remains in the vortex of the cultural revolution facing the centralization of art and culture, but also a form of protest.  

Do you know who precisely made me think that way? Pharmakon. Margaret Chardiet, with her project called Pharmakon, is probably the person who has influenced most aspects of my life as an adult. I have spent years listening and analyzing all of her work respecting Pharmakon, and the social context that she gives it is a form of expression worthy of admiration for the rest of our decades on earth. Noise in its essence and purely Margaret’s project is the formation of the individual and his interaction with the community. Noise does not mean anything by itself, and it is the artist behind the project who gives it meaning, and that is the fascinating thing about noise; it is learned according to what the artist wants to make known, in contradiction to other types of protest in music as a way of existing.  

For some reason I think it is important to know what music offers as a cultural value, beyond the music itself, to start talking about these topics seems more interesting to me than coming to recommend something just because it sounds cool. Where is the feeling? How do we feel about what we are listening to?   

Pharmakon is a project that for some reason is a bomb of feelings, it makes us question aesthetics. Things are not always bright and sunny. Noise is that desire to break the ego. Noise is the perfect form of neo-protest. 

If I had to recommend what to listen to from Pharmakon, I would literally expect a minimal effort to listen to their entire fucking discography and incidentally run into the luck of liking any material from Sacred Bones, the Record Label that supports this movement and currently has dozens of releases.   



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